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    About us.

    Are you ready to make extra income by producing healthy drinks and snacks?

    Then this training is for you.

    Training Highlights

    (1). You will learn how to make tigernut milk from the scratch.

    • 6 variants of tigernut milk.
    • Nutritional value and Health Benefits of Tigernut milk.
    • You will learn how to stop tigernut milk fermentation.
    • The process of making tigernut pulp for swallow.
    • How to make tigernut pudding for children.
    • How to make tigernut pap for children.
    • How to make tigernut pap for adult.
    • How to make a tigernut popsicle.
    • How to preserve tigernut milk for commercial use.

    (2). How to make the best Zobo drink

    • Classic Zobo Or Zobo Wine
    • Fruity Zobo
    • Date Flavor
    • Pineapple Flavor
    • Zobo For Diabetics
    • Zobo Chapman
    • Zobo Lemonade.

    (3). How to package and market your product.

    • We will show you how to take beautiful product pictures and videos.
    • How to design simple flyers with your phone.
    • Content creation to sell online.
    • Strategies for selling offline.
    • How to identify and sell to your target audience.
    • We will show you how to draft and hit your target.